Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Back Home, QSLs

Scheduled to be home late Sunday evening - got home Tuesday morning. First, flight cancellations due to bad weather in Reykjavik, then no available aircraft, another night at a hotel, then on Monday flight delays, delays, delays, finally early evening we arrived in Oslo, too late for the corresponding flight we had booked. So, another night in Tromsø, then finally at 6 am local we were going home.

Iceland was nice though, although we didn't see much more than Reykjavik and the towns on the southwestern peninsula. Got a glimpse of what I believe was the transmitter mast for Thunder AM, 1530. I'll be back. The restaurants in Reykjavik are outstanding; their seafood is second to none.

QSLs: Not much, since I've been so busy I am still on October 7 with regards to checking recordings from the KONGs. Still, these have found their way into my inbox:

KORL Honolulu HI 1180
WOKY Milwaukee WI 920
KENT Parowan UT 1400
WSDR Sterling IL 1240
KWKY Des Moines IA 1150

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