Wednesday, October 18, 2006

KONG15 Update - Wednesday 18 Oct

Some signals, not very strong though, when we first checked at 0230 - KKAR-NE good on 1290. An hour later the band opened up; good signal strengths and not least very weak Europeans. Best signals from the Lakes area; some of the better ones were WOAM-IL 1350, WHBL-WI, WVHI-IN and WTRX-MI 1330.

Then at around 0600 it appeared as if the antennas were cut off... abrupt fade-out of most signals. But OJ managed to pick one good catch before signals disappeared completely, "New Mexico's Sports Leader, 610 KNML Albuquerque" on 610. As you can see on the picture he's quite happy with that...

Many, many hours of recordings need to be checked, the above are only from what we found when listening to a particular radio.

Weather: Northerly winds of moderate strength, partly cloudy, snowshowers and 1C.

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