Wednesday, October 04, 2006

IC-7000 review, QSLs + KONG preparations

I have compiled a four-page review of the IC-7000 postings I wrote on this blog. It is available on our Kongsfjord page, or you can use the link under "Some DX Related..." etc. on the right panel. Although I have had no ambition to cover every aspect of this excellent radio, I hope that you find it useful.

Recent QSLs:
WMT Cedar Rapids IA 600 email from the guy who voiced the promotion I heard (Randy Lee).
XECB La Ranchito, San Luis Rio Colorado 1460, email from Eduardo Acosta Sanchez. Maybe my best Mexican catch to date - only 1 kW nights.
KJOX Yakima WA 1390 email from their GM, Greg Dourian. Tnx Ole Forr.

The KONG14 crew is scheduled to arrive Thursday evening around 21 UTC. Both this blog and will be updated at least a couple of times a day throughout. Outlooks are very good!

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