Sunday, September 10, 2023

KONG46 - Day Four

 Overnight the outdoor temperatures hovered at almost 19 Celsius - an absurd level for this location. Lots of wind though, which continued throughout most of the day. Sunny until around 13:00 local, then rain for a few hours until it cleared up with calm weather and clear skies, and a bit cooler.

Today's chores were baking a new bread, fixing what remained to be fixed with the antennas and at Mount Loran, and then a very nice sauna at Kongsfjord Guesthouse.

Dinner: A stew with salted lamb's meat and various vegetables.

Not much to brag about DX-wise. Very low levels towards the Americas last night, and very strong signals from India in the afternoon, accompanied by the odd Australian. The pictures below are from this morning (outside my house), and the afternoon,  a view from the sauna.

As mentioned before, departure at 05:00 Monday morning. We will be back on October 20, for a much longer DX-pedition. In the mean time, we hope that Mount Loran will provide lots of DX.

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