Tuesday, October 22, 2019

KONG39 Report Day Four (October 21)

The ionosphere is obviously still in a sort of disturbed mode. We can tell from the varying overall signal levels, fluctuations and how different areas are affected. Interesting! And frustrating - again we had interesting early signals from the Pacific that just disappeared. On the other hand, there were periods producing some interesting stations from North America.

NA stations started to fade in just after 22:00, peaked at 01:00 and were audible until around 12:00. Hawaiian stations came quite early, with very good signal levels. Some interesting stations from North America: 940 KVSH Valentine NE, 1180 WXLA Dimondale MI, 1190 WNWC Sun City WI, 1560 KBEW Blue Earth MN.
Below is an overnight spectrum on 1180 kHz from the Mount Loran beverage. A minimum of 15 carriers are seen. So, there is potential!

Mount Loran beverage, overnight on 1180 kHz. The slight frequency shift is due to ambient temperature changes.

Asia, although not properly checked yet, were mostly dominated by the common ones.

Very windy overnight, so we needed to add some heating to the old, poorly insulated farmhouse. During the day the wind was only light, and the temperature tipped above the zero point a couple of hours. Mostly dry.

Yesterday we had a rather massive calf shanks in Barolo dinner. The leftovers made an excellent stew when we added vegetables. For starters though, OJ made a delicious salman tartar - fresh and smoked salmon, red onion, garlic and Worchester sauce. Chopped chives on top. Recommended! A Knewitz riesling made a great companion. For dessert, chocolate cake with raspberry jam and port wine. It really doesn't get more high-carb than this!
Salmon tartar.

I never got round to take pictures, so here is one taken a rainy summer day, overlooking the hamlet of Kongsfjord. The KONG HQ is mostly obscured by the haze.
Kongsfjord, facing northeast


Nils Schiffhauer said...

Hi, all of you - I very much like your gourmet-expedtion, hi! It is a dream to blend a good cuisine with the best DX spot available in Europe. Thanks for the daily update from all fronts, Bjarne, and cheers to all of you: Nils

Allen Willie said...

Best Wishes and Good DX to Everyone during the DXpedition .

Regards from Allen Willie VOPC1AA Newfoundland

Bjarne Mjelde said...

Guys just wanna have fun :-)

Walt said...

Both the food and drink, and the DX are mouth-watering!