Friday, August 23, 2019

Airspy HF+ Discovery: Sensitivity Measurements

Time to find out how sensitive the HF+ Discovery is! Since it is basically the same receiver as the HF+, with preselectors, I expected sensitivity on MW to be roughly the same. Which turned out to be true.
On 500 kHz, I measured -110 dBm, on 1000 kHz -111, and on 1500 kHz -110 dBm. Using SDR#, v.1708, 6 kHz bandwidth with AM mode, and a 30 % modulated, 400 Hz signal from the signal generator.

The "Receiver Sensitivity Measurements" table has been updated accordingly. Excellent numbers.


Nils Schiffhauer said...

Great table, Bjarne & team! And also good footnotes (e.g. on the Eton). Although one should remember that a high sensitivity can be used only in a proper environment and with a matching antenna. But it is always good to know "that there is something more".
BTW: I really appreciate your fresh approach, always asking (and answering) the pivotal question to us listener: Where's the beef? Thanks & 73: Nils, DK8OK (Burgdorf's southernmost SWL ...)

Bjarne Mjelde said...

Thanks Nils, as always I appreciate your comments!