Monday, December 25, 2017

The SDRPlay RSP1A: A Closer Look

After I had done my first test of the RSP1A I realised that the comparison I did was rather unfair. The SDR was connected to a cheap laptop, and cheap laptops usually have awful audio cards. Especially in comparison with the Cakewalk UA-16 I use on my main PC! So I moved the radio to the main PC and decided to do another test.

This time, I recorded 20 seconds of audio from a very weak KONP 1450 kHz to the RSP1A, the Cloud-IQ and the Perseus (Jaguar software).

So you can listen for yourselves. Sorry that the line level of the Perseus came up a bit louder than the other two. The sequence is: 20 seconds RSP1A, 20 seconds Cloud-IQ and 20 seconds Perseus/Jaguar.  Software used with RSP1A and Cloud-IQ was SDR Console V3, USB mode, 2.8 kHz bandwidth (Perseus 3.2). The audio is recorded today at 12:30:00 to 12:30:20 UTC.

Apart from this, I have compared the RSP1A to the Cloud-IQ on various frequency ranges, various software (HDSDR and SDR Console V3), but only with the 2,048 kHz bandwidth. It does in fact fare well.

Below are the RSP1A (left) and Cloud-IQ when connected to a 500-metre, 50-degrees beverage (the Asia-Pacific antenna).

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