Sunday, February 10, 2013

So You Thought You Could Run A Perseus With Windows 8

...but you're not allowed to? The problem is with the driver, as Microsoft has added security levels regarding unsigned drivers. This was not a problem in MS Vista and MS Windows 7. However, Windows 8 won't let you get away quite that easy.

I built a Windows 8-64 Pro system  a few weeks ago. Prior to that, there had been both questions and solutions in the Perseus Yahoo reflector about how to install the Perseus driver in Windows 8. The answers basically pointed to a solution you will find here. It's a description on how to disable and bypass driver signature enforcement i Windows 8.

The routine is quite straightforward although it involves quite a few steps. You will not be able to convince anyone that you installed a malicious driver "by accident" if you've done this. After restarting the PC in a mode that will happily install any unsigned driver, you're ready to install the PerseusWinUSBDriver. It is available as a zipped folder here. Follow the instructions included in the folder when you install.

A less cumbersome method might be that the driver got a Microsoft signature. I don't know if that is going to happen or not, but I had no intention of waiting any longer.

My Perseus is now running happily in my Windows 8 environment.


Anonymous said...

Normal procedure. My Conitec Galep eprommer needed the same. As Microsoft signatures are expensive, the guys in that little company will not obtain the holy blessings from Microsoft so soon, I think. That's why we all absolutely wanted to have Windows 8!
At least my old HP printer and Epson scanner runs with the Windows 7 driver. The WLAN stick got a beta driver, but is working.
It's our own fault. Why didn't we stick to Windows 7.

Bjarne Mjelde said...

I'm very much satisfied with Win 8 Henry. The other side of the driver signature issue is added security against malware. I admit though that more than average interest in computers is an advantage when doing these procedures.