Saturday, September 08, 2012

Season Preparations with OJ - Second Day

Friday was a bit windy but dry and even a bit of sun, so all in all a nice day for antenna maintenance.

The QDFA was in need a total refurbishment, except the superb Max-Gain supports. New antenna wires were fitted, resistors replaced, transformers reworked and feed lines repaired. The feed lines will be set up today, allowing us to test the QDFA with a fresh battery.

The dual, parallel 340 degree beverage feed line system was built, including transformers, isolators and a combiner, including grounding. The western part of the beverage was set up yesterday, the eastern part will be erected today.

We also erected the "old" 310 degree beverage. It apparently works very well indeed, since with the current auroral conditions stations from the Middle East were very strong to its back lobe.

After 8 hours more or less outdoor, walking, lifting and carrying (heavy loads) most of the time, we were quite exhausted in the evening. We did have enough energy though to make ourselves woked salmon with carbonara. We enjoyed Calles Riesling with the salmon, and we even found a bottle of port wine left over from last year's KONG21.

No transatlantic signals during the night.

Saturday morning is overcast but dry and relatively calm, and 6 degrees Celsius. It is soon time to get to work...

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