Sunday, May 06, 2012

G39DDC Software For G31/G33 Files Playback

A good thing about Winradio's software is that you don't need the actual receiver. They load into a "Demo mode" if no receiver is connected. It is fully functional, and allows you to play back files without the receiver connected if you wish.

I never seriously considered purchasing the G39DDC Excelsior, but I was keen to check out the software, since it would likely have some improvements over the G31 and G33 software packages. It was a mixed bag.
G39 in Waterfall mode playing back a G33 LF recording
The G39 software has many functions not found on the G31 and G33 software, mainly because it's supposed to support a scanner going up to 3.5 GHz. I had hoped to see a better designed playback function than those found on the G31 (mediocre) and G33 (improved). Indeed I did! The playback bar works very much like those found on the Perseus, Spectravue and SDR-Radio; you can click anywhere inside the bar and the recording will move to that spot instantly. Playing back a recording appears to be easier if you use the G39 software than if you use the G33 (and particularly the G31) software. However, there is still no way to make a small selection of the recording, and loop it. Both Perseus and SDR-Radio feature this very useful tool.
G33 recording/playback controls

G39 recording/playback controls
The last four lines on the G39 control box expands/subtracts by use of the tool box to the right of the file path.

Winradio G3x software has never been the easiest to use for those who want to check offsets from the nominal frequency. The G33 Demod window can be zoomed in to a width of 240 Hz. Maximizing the window enables the user to move in 1 Hz steps. However, the resolution is rather low so doing exact offset measurements isn't very easy. The G39 DDC2 window can only be zoomed to 500 Hz, but the resolution is better, so it is still possible to move in 1 Hz steps. Vertical lines on the display help a lot.
G39 DDC2 window

It would be nice though if there was a way to change the MHz labeling to kHz...


Vanguard said...

Hello Bjarne,

thank you for your update to the blog regards the G33/G39.

Just one question - can you comfirm that its possible to review / play back G31/G33 files on the G39 software ?



Bjarne Mjelde said...

It is.