Friday, December 16, 2011

Winradio G39DDC Excelsior

If you want to tune from zero (almost) to eternity, this is it. With a 9 kHz to 3500 MHz tuning range, two independent 4 MHz channels (also available for recording and later playback), excellent specifications and a multitude of tools for signal analysis, this appears to be the heftiest SDR available today. Alas, the price tag will require dedication or easy cash flow, and I am rather sure that I don't want to spend USD 4000 for a receiver today. So don't expect to see a G39 review on this blog.
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But Nils Schiffhauer got his priorities right, and submitted this video to the Winradio G3 reflector. Readers who know the G31 and G33 interface will note that the playback bar is different, resembling that of SpectraVue.

For the average MW DX-er though, such as I, the G39 doesn't do much that the G31 and G33 don't, so it's probably overkill. Would be übercool to have one though.

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