Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Kongsfjord - An NDB Hunter's Heaven?

I did some NDB DX some years ago, but I've done very little of it lately. I know that great NDB DX is possible though, since I've heard several 50-watt Papua New Guinea stations in the 1600-1700 kHz range.

One of my January Perseus files contained a recording down to 200 kHz, and well-known NDB DX-er Roelof Bakker (NED) offered to compile a log of what was heard on Jan 10 at 1430 UTC. The list left me stunned. I need to take up this part of the hobby...

Roelof made a very detailed report which you will find here. All from a few seconds, one late afternoon when conditions weren't really out of this world. One can but wonder what can be heard with a little more effort. Thanks very much for your detailed report, Roelof!

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