Thursday, November 06, 2008

WKAR East Lansing MI 870 Verification

October 23 was a good evening for US daytime stations, such as WKAR which signed off at 2300 UTC with a brief identification. Not very strong, but for once WWL wasn't there.


Jeanie said...

Greetings from WKAR in East Lansing, Michigan! We were pleased to hear you received our signal! If you are on Facebook, we invite you to visit our WKAR--Public Media fan page and become a fan!

This is exciting for us to hear and all of us at WKAR are pleased you let us know about your report!

Bill said...

Another howdy from WKAR. We're the public media arm of Michigan State University. It's great you found our signal from over the north pole. Just to confirm, we sign off at dusk.

Bjarne Mjelde said...

Thanks Jeanie and Bill for your comments! I've never heard WKAR before and it was a great surprise for me.