Tuesday, October 21, 2008

KONG18 Loran C Reflections

Sorry about not keeping you up to date on preps and events on the KONG18 DX-ped. OJ is maintaining this job excellently on this web update, so I'll rather post some specific comments instead.

Loran C has, as most of my readers will know, been a major challenge for good readability. Through careful planning, good cables and 100 kHz notch filters for each beverage feedline I have managed to reduce the Loran C noise to an acceptable level. But this autumn, the noise level has inceased substantially. So much in fact, that on many frequencies low signal level DX has become impossible. The picture to the left says a bit about the problem here. 1070 to 1110 used to be frequencies with only very light interference; now the noise bleeds through even quite strong signals. Similar problems are seen from 660 to 700, 860 to 900, 950 to 1010, 1270 to 1300 and to a lesser extent 1460 to 1490 and on the x-band. The strong signal on 1134 is RSt. Mayak, Murmansk RUS.

I don't know what has changed. I talked with the Loran C technician some days ago, he claimed there had been no changes done with the transmitter the last year. At any rate, surely locations without Loran C noise have a clear edge over Kongsfjord this year.

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