Thursday, March 20, 2008

Recent Verifications

KUJ Walla Walla WA 1420 "Many have tried but yours was the easiest to verify." This statement from the v/s may suggest that we sometimes submit audio clips that are too infested in noise, or too weak, to the stations we hear? I heard KUJ on the Perseus SDR on February 26 with quite a good signal.
KWYZ Everett WA 1230 has become a very good verifier with a great QSL jpg you can enjoy on Arnstein's blog.
CINF Montreal QC 690 is a station that is occasionally heard here, but rarely strong. Friendly email confirmed a 2006 reception. Thanks OJS for contact info.
KBRO Bremerton WA 1490 was heard October 15, 2007 with a Spanish full-hour announcement. KBRO is one of four stations comprising Radio Mision Cristiana in Washington; the others being KDLY-1280, KNTB-1480 and KXPA-1540. Thanks to RealDX members for directing me to KBRO.
CHHA Toronto ON 1610 took some time - a 2005 reception. Email-verie and a request to voice a "distant listener" promo. CHHA is currently ND, but will change to a directive antenna system soon. Powers will be 10 kW days, 225 watt nights.
KZDC San Antonio TX 1250 brief email this evening. KZDC was heard on a couple of occasions during KONG17 with their "La Lupe" moniker - until then unheard at least in Norway. Nice catch. Texas verie no. 10.
CHTM Thompson MB 610 after a number of tries, email verie this afternoon. Thanks ABU for contact info. And that concludes the Manitoba hunt. 19 of 19 stations confirmed, none left to chase. Today there are only 16 stations left, after CKY-580, CKRC-630 and CKX-1150 left AM.
CJBC Toronto ON 860 - this Societé Radio Canada station heard with a fair signal early night on October 15, 2007. Thanks Jean Burnell for doing the ID work. Yes, my French is lousy.
WSHY Lafayette IN 1410 - heard September 18, 2007 on an SDR-IQ. Thanks OJS for contact info.

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WSHY now has QSL cards