Sunday, January 13, 2008

KKMO Tacoma WA 1360 Test Heard

The test started 0800 today and lasted for 15 minutes. Conditions were very poor, as the usually dominant KKMO was almost not audible; WTAQ was the strongest station on 1360 and also KKBJ was heard. I heard the sweep tones and 1 kHz tone. I heard none of the station identifiers but they may have been voice and not morse. The sweep tones were by far the easiest to hear. Thanks Jim Pogue and CE Monte Passmore on KKMO for conducting this test.

Some minutes after KKMO resumed to normal programming I am actually hearing KKMO much better...


4nradio said...

Great catch, Bjarne! This station is in my area. Have you logged and verified KSUH Puyallup on 1450? This Korean language broadcaster is closest MW station to me, at about 2.5 km. I am glad they are only 1 kw power, as KSUH is already the strongest station on the MW band at my QTH.


Bjarne Mjelde said...

No, I haven't heard Puyallup. 1450 is a difficult frequency here, and when WA is going, it's KONP almost all the time.