Sunday, July 01, 2007

Setting Up A Dual SDR-IQ Monitoring Station - Final Thoughts

The system has been up and running for many hours during this weekend; one session lasted more than 12 hours with many adjustments to setups and other parameters. Spectravue has not crashed once, and the two SDR-IQs haven't failed once. And the PC system with Vista Home Basic has been totally stable.

Total cost for this 380 kHz monitoring system, including a brand new PC, was around USD 1500, or approximately the same as a new Icom IC-746Pro or an IC-7000 costs. Much less than a new JRC NRD-545, and much less than a Flex-Radio SDR-1000 system. Good value for money. I am looking forward to the start of the coming season in September.

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TuA said...

Great Bjarne! I tested the same combination last January in Parkalompolo and everything went fine during almost nonstop three-day-recording session with two SDR-14, two SVs and IBM laptop with 1 GB RAM.
Some days ago I bought new PC equipment with more RAM and memory capacity. I'm going to test simultaneously four SDRs (IQs and SDR-14s)connecting in the same PC in this coming season. It will be interesting with 760 kHz monitoring range...