Friday, March 09, 2007

KBSN Moses Lake WA 1470 Verification

Prior to this season I hadn't heard KBSN with a proper ID even once... that changed dramatically the past few months as KBSN has become a common guest during west coast openings. I picked a recording from the best reception I had, on October 25, and emailed it to General Manager Jim Davis. A friendly and detailed response came today.

Moses Lake has a lot of agriculture, especially potatoes, but according to Mr. Davis the city is growing also because web based companies are moving there.

Moses Lake was renamed from Neppel in 1938 to honour the Kowalchina Indian Chief Sulktalthscosum, also known as Chief Moses. Read more in Wikipedia.

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Anonymous said...

Re: KBSN Moses Lake Washington

In 1957, this station was increased in power and moved from 1450 to 1470 KHZ by yours truly, Chief Engineer at the time, its call sign then was KSEM . I am also a ham living in Los Angeles, Ca now. My call, W6MRN, my e-mail address, The reason that you are recieving the signal over the arctic is the main lobe of the directional antenna system is pointed almost directly north. If I recall, it is slightly east of north. I left the employ of the station in 1959 because of improprieties in its operation. I did not like the way they did business and operated. I am of first generation Swedish/Norwegian ancestry.

Looking forward to communicating.

Yours truly, Ken Hanson W6MRN Los Angeles, Ca. USA