Sunday, February 04, 2007

A Bit Of Sunday DX

OK weather though a bit windy and quite cold but with the low K-indices I thought I'd drive to Kongsfjord and try a bit. Conditions were mediocre, mostly westerly, but a surprising ID came at 0800 UTC when KVOC Casper WY 1230 surfaced long enough. Otherwise, KUTI Yakima WA good on 1460, San Francisco as usual on 1550 and a C&W station on 1360 which is a little intriguing, maybe KOHU Hermiston OR? Later on the usual dominant KKMO took over. On 1050 I heard Fox Sports, possibly KTCT San Mateo CA. Need to check on recordings later. By 1100 UTC only the stronger Alaskan stations were left.

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