Saturday, August 26, 2006

First logs, Aug 25-27

The two first beverages on the Kongsfjord DX site was erected a couple of days ago, 175 meters/310 degrees (North America) and 450 meters/58 degrees (northern Asia). Asian stations heard as early as 3.5 hours before sunset. China dominating, some Japan, a couple Koreans and the odd Filipino. And rather surprising, 4QD ABC Emerald QLD 1548, 90 minutes before sunset. Other logs include:
612 JOLK NHK2 Fukuoka
900 Hunan RGD
1053 JOAR Nagoya huge!
1314 DWXI Paranaque, usual rlg programming
Several Chinese stations recorded, not yet checked.

Not much from the Americas unfortunately, except a couple of Venezuelans the first night and a few La Plata/Brazil stations the second night - with Radio Cristal 1470 the only one with proper levels.

Three receivers are engaged at the beginning of the season; two Icom IC-746Pro and one Icom IC-703, all connected to iRiver MP3 recorders. Apart from the two beverages I also have two ALA100 loops from Wellbrook up, connected to a Dallas Lankford phaser.

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